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Beroependagen 2014

Welcome to the site of the Beroependagen

For the 17th edition we have selected the Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam for our location and this year the event will be at 7 and 8 october this year.  

The Beroependagen is a career event hosted by the FSA (Financial Student union Amsterdam) and the VSAE (Student union Actuarial sience and Econometrics). At this two day career event there will be company presentations, workshops, training, lunches, (Branch)Diners and individual conversations between students and companies. With these activities we hope to create interaction between students and companies. Every year the Beroependagen offers a large group of leading companies in the financial market, so students can orientate and prepare themselfs for the labor market. 

Financiele Studievereniging Amsterdam
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Studievereniging VSAE
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