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After the previous successes of the Beroependagen, this year the FSA and the VSAE will host the 19th edition of the Beroependagen. The Beroependagen will take place on the 4th and the 5th of October. The Beroependagen 2016 will take place at: Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam.

The Beroependagen is a yearly recurring event, organised by the FSA and the VSAE. This two-day event focuses on creating interaction between students and companies. The outline of the program of these two days include presentations, workshops, trainings, lunches, diners and interviews. Every year a diverse selection of leading companies attend the Beroependagen. This will give students the opportunity to orientate and prepare for their future career. 

Application for Beroependagen 2016

It is not possible to apply for the Beroependagen 2016 yet.
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December 2014, our committee is complete so we can officially start with the organisation of the Beroependagen 2015. Our first meeting is planned and the committee members can’t wait to start. What are we going to do this year? Maybe a new location? Make the event more international? A different name? These kind of questions came forward during the meetings and we had to think of this carefully. After more than fourty meetings, then thousand flyers and hundred posters, on Monday September 28, we were at Hotel Sofitel The Grand together with the board of the VSAE and the board of the FSA to make the final preparations. A few examples of the things we had to do that day: check all the rooms, prepare 600 goodie bags and sort 700 nameplates alphabetically. Overall, we can say it was an exciting day. Because of the efficient work of the committee and board members, we were outside the hotel after three hours en all the preparations were done. We were ready for the two big days that were in front of us, ready for the Beroependagen 2015.

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